Prof Hahn and Cumdente became famous in the late 1990s for developing modern adhesives, bonding agents and composites.

Hardly any other scientist and practitioner was able to explain the function of these then new materials as well as he did. No wonder, as he played a key role in their development and was one of the "driving forces", so to speak.

It is thanks to him that bonding agents and composites became easier and more error-free to use and now characterise the prognosis of modern dental restorations.

Following Prof Hahn's advice on Bonding and composites makes things easier, saves costs and hassle. He was one of the first to solve the problem of postsensitivity and develop concepts for permanent bonding to dentine.

Today, this is quite simple: the 8. generation of bonding with the Cumdente Hybrid Bond adheres to the hydroxyapatite of enamel and dentine through chemical bonding, as well as to most dental restorative materials, without the need for acids or primers. One bottle, one layer, 20 seconds of good blowing and polymerisation.

And then just a high-performance composite, the Cumdente Synchrome, with 2 self-adaptive colours, for all indications on direct fillings and for adhesive bonding of dental restorations.
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