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EndoTurbo 812MT
The Endo TurboReciprocating + stroke + ultrasoundAll in one:3D preparationReciprocating / rotation+ vertical stroke (oscillation)+ ultrasoundincl. Apex locatorDisrupts biofilm🡪 Highly efficient reciprocal treatment🡪 longitudinal, oscillating file dynamics🡪 superimposed ultrasonic oscillation3D preparation+ ultrasoundThe 3 modes:🡪 CW = rotation + ultrasound🡪 CCW = reciprocal + ultrasoundSGP = reciprocating + vertical stroke + ultrasonic (separate contra-angle handpiece)The adjustment ranges: 🡪 Rotation / reciprocation ± 20° - 360° in 10° steps🡪 S peed 50 - 2,500 rpmTorque 0 .4 - 5.0 Ncm 🡪 Programmable integrated database with the most important file systems🡪 O ther facts - Battery capacity: 2,000 mAh - Wireless foot switch - Contactless charging cradleScope of delivery Endo Turbo 812MT:Brushless, cordless Turbo Endo motor with apex locator and ultrasonic biofilm disruption,contactless charging cradle, 2Super Mini contra-angle handpieces (6:1), 1x measuring wire, 1x nozzle, 1x lip hook, 1x file clip, 1x measuring probe,silicone protective cover for contra-angle handpiece, disposable insulating tubing for the handpiece

MTA PulpCap
Light-curing, resin-reinforced MTA cement. Capping material. For precise indirect and direct capping of the pulp and highly effective pulp protection. Antibacterial thanks to high alkaline pH value. Rich in bioactive calcium. Promotes the formation of tertiary dentine and hydroxyapatite. For immediate high-quality pulp obturation. Moisture-tolerant, radiopaque. Syringe of 1 g, incl. 10 pcs. Metal cannulas black (thin).Tip: Ideal for use in combination with Cumdente Hybrid Bond . Adhesive of the 8th generation.

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ApaCare Tooth varnish brush bottle
For use with sensitive tooth necks and for the remineralisation of initial caries and for hypomineralisation (MIH).Natural, mineralising tooth bonding varnish with 20 % medical hydroxyapatite hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), shellac-based, self-curing. After curing, a durable, protective varnish layer is formed, biocompatible layer of varnish.Bottle of 5 ml.

OraLactin pre- and postbiotic toothpaste
To support and maintain healthy oral flora. With liquid tooth enamel. Liquid tooth enamel Consists of microfine hydroxyapatite, the main component of natural teeth. Brightens the teeth, protects against caries and periodontitis and reduces sensitivity. Remineralises. Fluoride and liquid enamel complement each other ideally (protective film). Pre- & postbiotics Lactobacillus plantarum Heal 19 (inactivated) and gum arabic stabilise and support the establishment of healthy oral flora. L-arginine protects against sensitivity. Potassium nitrate promotes nitrate-reducing and blood pressure-regulating bacteria on the tongue. With pre- and postbiotics For the daily stabilisation and restoration of a healthy oral flora OraLactin Toothpaste contains sodium fluoride (1450 ppm F-) and medicinal hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel). Natural prebiotic substrates substrates specifically promote the growth of healthy oral bacteria. Postbiotic additives such as inactivated bacteria or bioactive communication substances support the regulation and regeneration of a balanced, healthy oral flora.For everyone and all age groups from the age of 6. (2 - 3 times a day)The perfect Schallzahnbürste for OraLactin toothpaste INCI/Ingredients:AQUA, SORBITOL, HYDRATED SILICA, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, GLYCERIN, SODIUM C14-16 OLEFIN SULFONATE, POTASSIUM NITRATE, AROMA, ARGININE, HYDROXYAPATITE, CELLULOSE GUM, SODIUM FLUORIDE, ALLANTOIN, SODIUM SACCHARIN, ACACIA SENEGAL GUM, TETRAPOTASSIUM PYROPHOSPHATE, LACTOBACILLUS FERMENT, MENTHOL, LIMONENE, CI 77947 (ZnO), CI 75810 (CHLOROPHYLL).

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Hybrid Bond
One-for-all bonding for enamel, dentine and restorative materials. Self-etching, light-curing,etchant, primer and bonding agent in one. For the filling technique and adhesive bonding of dental restorations. Compatible with all common light-, dual- or chemical-curing composites, compomers, luting composites and fissure sealants. Adheres through chemical bonding. Permanent. On enamel and dentine. Does not apply significantly. Prevents postsensitivity. Also bonds to resins, composites, hybrid ceramics, precious metals, non-precious metals, titanium, zirconium oxide ceramics and, after silanisation, also to glass ceramics: as a bonding agent or for intraoral repairs / extensions. 5 ml bottle of Hybrid Bond Recommendation: For CP/P treatments: Adhesively cap the pulp with light-curing MTA PulpCap. MTA PulpCap and cavity liner / underfilling: Pulprotec MTA.

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